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A giveaway with Simpledaisy!

Happy Friday Amigos y Amigas! While you are reading this my estudiantes are taking their Spanish 202 Final! I have one more final to give on saturday, can you believe it, on Saturday!! Oh well, I am sure time will fly and soon after I can join B and my board of trustees for a lovely weekend. So, you might have noticed that my pic is from Simpledaisy. Well in case you haven't check out her blog, you must! Plus she is having a giveaway of one of her own designs, very beachy. If it weren't for Simpledaisy I would not attempt to cook or craft, she always has the most delightful posts. I used to live in her neck of the woods when I was a profesora in the midwest, how I wish I knew her then! We could have have shared our beachy dreams during those tough midwestern winters.
Hoping you have a beachy blue weekend!


Maya said...

Wish you a wonderful weekend, Laura..., after your final!!

Sally Lee™ said...

Have a great weekend Laura! I just found Simpledaisy and her jewelry really is beachy & beautiful.

Ms. Givens said...


You will like these beachy photos.

Beach House Living said...

Finals already, Enjoy your weekend. Simple Daisy has a fun blog doesn't she.

simpledaisy said...

Thanks so much:)
You ROCK!!!!
I too wished we could have known each other when you lived in my neck of the woods!! I am sure we could have gotten ourselves really involved in some cute crafting nights during the YUCKY winters!!!
Maybe someday.....i'll make it out to your neck of the woods!!
Have a super fabulous and relaxed weekend!!

swile67 said...

it's been so long since i've blogged and read my bloglines...glad to stop by once again...love those earrings!!!:) i love your hallway beachy theme too. i drink from my beachy mug and have shells around me too and my painting i did of a beach in cape cod that i LOVED!!! take care..ttyl, Karyne

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oh yeah! she is the best...and the earrings are the bomb!

Beautiful Sunday to you in the land of red with two vanilla wafers!

Joyce said...

I hope you had a great weekend. Love the earrings. xo