Happy Friday Amigos y Amigas! While you are reading this my estudiantes are taking their Spanish 202 Final! I have one more final to give on saturday, can you believe it, on Saturday!! Oh well, I am sure time will fly and soon after I can join B and my board of trustees for a lovely weekend. So, you might have noticed that my pic is from Simpledaisy. Well in case you haven't check out her blog, you must! Plus she is having a giveaway of one of her own designs, very beachy. If it weren't for Simpledaisy I would not attempt to cook or craft, she always has the most delightful posts. I used to live in her neck of the woods when I was a profesora in the midwest, how I wish I knew her then! We could have have shared our beachy dreams during those tough midwestern winters.
Hoping you have a beachy blue weekend!