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Preppy Petals

My university campus is quite beautiful and let's face it SoCal has almost perfect weather year round. (I know!! Don't hate me! ) These preppy beauties are my friends at 1pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They greet me at the entrance to the building for my last class. I always take a moment and salute them, such a treat to have them on my path. I guess it is fitting that these pink and green prepsters are on a college campus. Don't they look like puckered lips? What do you see on your way to work?


Maya said...

They're gorgeous..., all flowers are, aren't they!! I work from home!

PS: Your cute starfish bowl is included in my today's post on Completely Coastal.

Sarah B. said...

pretty!!! I cant wait until flowers start blooming :)

I grew up in socal... I so miss that awesome weather :(

Beach Vintage said...

They do look like something from a Tim Burton movie. xx

Joyce said...

Wonderful and beautiful photos. xo

simpledaisy said...

Love them:)
I drive to work & have already shared my sunrises!! I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for some flowers~

retno andriani said...

first time I saw this flower..
awesome B)

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swile67 said...

am lovin these flowers! gorgeous pic. i also love the jewellery at stella dot. i have never heard of this line before. gorgeous. i love bright colours in spring! also love your grey post..i rarely wear grey so it was good tips!

drollgirl said...

these are just bursting with prettiness! lovely shots!