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Fashion Watch...grey love

Many of you know I LOVE grey. But I also have been in love with adding little bits of color to my grey outfits. I ordered this simple and inexpensive orange wrist band and it made this old watch face into something new!
As I mentioned, last week, I am an instant gratification crafter. I strung these smoky grey beads on stretchy cord and I was a happy camper. I then added some blue and made another version. Exciting ... I know.
I used to obsess about making my crafts, especially my jewelry projects, perfect. I no longer worry about achieving perfection because if I did, I would never craft and never enjoy my creations.

My love for grey includes stripes and a touch of gold. This necklace was one of my best finds ever. I have no idea, who made it but I bought it a thrift store. I imagine, it belonged to a sweet woman and now it is mine to give it new life. Now, dolls here is the profesora lesson for the day :
1. wear what you like
2. play with colors
3. create a binder with inspiration outfits from magazines.
the profesora style budget is small so I really need to force myself to work with what I've got in the sealaura vault. So... I clip outfits from magazines, blogs and catalogs and put them in my fashion binder. When I have fashion crisis or fashion blocks (often!!) I just flip a page and get inspired. It will be really simply like "oooooh yeah grey and black do go well together!!! DUH!! But sometimes seeing something as simple as a black and grey outfit via someone else's eye can really change things up.


L @ Salt and Sentiment said...

great tips---the binder could be such a lovely archive over time! So great to look back on. I love gray too. How is it SO refreshing?

Style Odyssey said...

good advice. i started a collection of cut-out pics to put in a binder. i haven't actually put them in the binder yet...!
gray and orange go very well together. i'm a huge gray fan also.
and i spy a crucian bracelet on your wrist. i have a couple of those hook bracelets (but of course!)

Eliza said...

LOVE the orange w/ the grey...

drollgirl said...

you look FAB in grey! sadly i look absolutely terrible in grey. but sometimes i try to make it work and just surround it with other colors!

Taylor said...

I am just like you...I looooove wearing grey. I just love wearing neutrals in general. But that watch really POPS! I love it! I guess I am scared of bright colors because I'm afraid it'll make me look pale, or clash with my hair. But I love the binder idea for clothing ideas. Its so refreshing to get a taste of your Californian style over here from the East Coast!

simpledaisy said...

Great ideas!! I do have a little binder of fashions that I like or admire! But I admit I am not that much of a fashionista. Owell:)
I also love to make stretchy bracelets!! So simple and I love to wear lots of them at a time!
I love yours:)

Sasha {Everything Fabulous} said...

ohh I love your new blog design!! love it!! Congratulations!!
and the orange wrist you got is adorable! grey and orange so chic!!
same here with the folder filled with inspiration...!
Hope you are having a great week profesora!!!

AndreaLeigh said...

You know, I think I only own one grey cardigan. Hmm... wonder why that is.

Love the necklace!

Prefecta said...

My rule: when in doubt, wear the piece you love the most. Whatever that is.

xoxo, Prefecta
Another Fab Day

Ms. Givens said...

The binder is a good idea!
Cool idea for your watch.

S said...

I'm rediscovering grey as well. I'm truly inspired now! Thank you.