Many of you know I LOVE grey. But I also have been in love with adding little bits of color to my grey outfits. I ordered this simple and inexpensive orange wrist band and it made this old watch face into something new!
As I mentioned, last week, I am an instant gratification crafter. I strung these smoky grey beads on stretchy cord and I was a happy camper. I then added some blue and made another version. Exciting ... I know.
I used to obsess about making my crafts, especially my jewelry projects, perfect. I no longer worry about achieving perfection because if I did, I would never craft and never enjoy my creations.

My love for grey includes stripes and a touch of gold. This necklace was one of my best finds ever. I have no idea, who made it but I bought it a thrift store. I imagine, it belonged to a sweet woman and now it is mine to give it new life. Now, dolls here is the profesora lesson for the day :
1. wear what you like
2. play with colors
3. create a binder with inspiration outfits from magazines.
the profesora style budget is small so I really need to force myself to work with what I've got in the sealaura vault. So... I clip outfits from magazines, blogs and catalogs and put them in my fashion binder. When I have fashion crisis or fashion blocks (often!!) I just flip a page and get inspired. It will be really simply like "oooooh yeah grey and black do go well together!!! DUH!! But sometimes seeing something as simple as a black and grey outfit via someone else's eye can really change things up.