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Monday Blues #37 with Simpledaisy

So it is day one of my Spring break, yesterday I spent if crafting, lazying, and hanging out with my boys. I am loving this monday because I feel free!! YIPPEE! It seems many friends have been crafting which reminds me to have you visit Simpledaisy. OMG, this girl can craft and her crafts really do seem so doable. I love this wreath above, if you need a little turquoise cheer or Spring cheer, head on over there and get to crafting!!


Erin said...

YES, Simpledaisy always has the best ideas...and I love her home! Yay for turquoise!

drollgirl said...

you are on break. you lucky duck. i am being tortured at work. SIGH. but this day will pass. IT BETTER! :)

simpledaisy said...

Are you kidding me!!! That was so nice!! I am so happy that you and others like what I do!! I sure hope you get some time to do a little crafting!
Oh..and is that bike yours?!?!?
I am having a beach cruiser custom painted for me right now:)
Can't wait to get it!!!
Who knows where i'll ride it...in the snow:)
But hey, i'll have it!!!

Joyce said...

Being free and relaxing is a good way to spend your break. Adding crafts to the mix is like frosting on the cake! Enjoy my friend!! OMG the blue bike is so cool.
Hugs to you, N and N xo

Style Odyssey said...

sounds inviting...i'll have to check out her site, then!
that bicycle..so pretty. i've been dreaming of getting a bike for when we move to the US. maybe a turquoise one to remind me of the pretty water here!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Good for you, girl. Enjoy!!!! Don't you just love that bike!!