I have made it to mid semester but it will be a staycation for profesora. Here are my plans in no particular order :
  • watch Grey Gardens which has been on my TIVO foreva!!
  • Watch Coco before Chanel from the Red Box
  • Find the perfect pair of jeans ( I tried on thurs but no luck, I found some JBrand jeans for 30 bucks but they were not the right fit :(
  • fluff my nest ( organize, decorate, swoon over decor blogs, then decorate)
  • take Norman and Newman on really long walks
  • pretend I am @ a resort in the VIs and have tropical bfast, lunch and dinner
  • sit by the pool because I can!!
  • listen to NPR podcasts
  • read through a bunch of magazines @ Barnes and Noble and treat myself to a latte
  • try some crafts
  • and let's face it I have to squeeze in some grading and lesson planning but maybe by the pool!!
The photo above will be my inspiration, I shot in in the BVIs last summer @ the Baths @ Virgin Gorda. Fabulous place, I hope to return one day.
Wishing you a relaxing fun filled weekend!