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Spring Break is here!

I have made it to mid semester but it will be a staycation for profesora. Here are my plans in no particular order :
  • watch Grey Gardens which has been on my TIVO foreva!!
  • Watch Coco before Chanel from the Red Box
  • Find the perfect pair of jeans ( I tried on thurs but no luck, I found some JBrand jeans for 30 bucks but they were not the right fit :(
  • fluff my nest ( organize, decorate, swoon over decor blogs, then decorate)
  • take Norman and Newman on really long walks
  • pretend I am @ a resort in the VIs and have tropical bfast, lunch and dinner
  • sit by the pool because I can!!
  • listen to NPR podcasts
  • read through a bunch of magazines @ Barnes and Noble and treat myself to a latte
  • try some crafts
  • and let's face it I have to squeeze in some grading and lesson planning but maybe by the pool!!
The photo above will be my inspiration, I shot in in the BVIs last summer @ the Baths @ Virgin Gorda. Fabulous place, I hope to return one day.
Wishing you a relaxing fun filled weekend!


Deetree said...

Hooray for time to do what you want!! All of your plans sound wonderful, esp relaxing by the pool. Sigh. I am dealing with the exact opposite right now.

Erin said...

I'd kill to be by a pool this weekend (even if that meant grading and lesson planning!) I'll be thinking about you as I'm ice-skating by the snow. Oh how I miss water!!!

I know you'll enjoy Grey Gardens...such a great movie!

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...enjoy your staycation...hope you have lots of time to read, relax and just be!..xo, mickey

Sam said...

Is that Grey Gardens the doco or the Drew Barrymore film? I saw the doco and it was incredible! Have yet to see the movie but I hear it's great! I too am going to watch Coco this weekend - can't wait! Have a lovely one!!

anita said...

woot WOOT for weekends and spring break vaca's...go laura!

Cloudia said...

How wonderful, Professora!

Aloha, Friend

Comfort Spiral

Tracy said...

Magazines at B&N are always a treat!

simpledaisy said...

Yeah for you!!! Have a great time with all your plans!!
I know I can't wait for my spring break:)

Joyce said...

Enjoy your spring break! I can't believe how fast the time is going. xo

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Lucky you...enjoy every relaxing second of it!