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Let me ruffle your feathers...

I think most of us have noticed that ruffles are in this season. I would love all the ruffle tees @ Jcrew and I have also found some neat DIYs.

I am not a sewer ( I wish I were!!) so I just bought some ribbon and glued it to an old tee. I used fabric glue and TADA!! What do you think ?

Here are some fun tutorials for you to check out.
Samster Mommy
Say Yes to Hoboken!
Tea Rose Home
All You

Happy Crafting!


L @ Salt and Sentiment said...

Love this idea! What an easy way to update a T Shirt too.

Amanda said...

Hi Laura! Thanks for the blog visit! I, too, love pens! I have to have specific pens for specific things. It's weird. At all times, I have a thin sharpie, large sharpie and these other two pens. Ridiculous...

What a beautiful blog you have! I love ruffles...=)

simpledaisy said...

You know I love ruffles!! I am off to check out the tutorials:)

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...love the tee! i wish i could sew. i have actually sewn a couple of things in my life that turned out quite well; however, the machines are sooo intimidating! needless to say i like the glue part! xo, mickey

Melita said...

i love ruffles. i love the fact that adding ruffles makes an old shirt new again. :) hugs!!

Taylor said...

I am not good at sewing, either...but I LOVE fashion. I am always designing and doodling dresses and clothes. This is great! You're making me want to make my own stuff now. Yay!

Joyce said...

I like it! xo