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Beachy Bling Bib

So it has been craft week @ sealaura industries. I made my own
beachy blingy bib necklace.
My inspiration : the sea, I wanted to use colors and items that reminded me of the sea.
So how did I do it???
I invested in two pieces of felt for for about a quarter each and then I just began piling on the bling.
I suggest cutting two same sized patterns and then adding on your embellishments. I used FABRI-TAC fabric glue for the whole project and it worked great.
I tried really hard not to buy anything and glued pins, old earrings, sequins, shells, pewter charms, buttons, everything but the kitchen sink and this is my result!!

I think this necklace will be perfect over a white tee. It is very over the top but I dig it. I found it very therapeutic to work on this puppy, I usually like instant gratification projects and if you don't mind me saying, I was quite impressed with my patience and determination on this one. YAY!!!! I worked slowly over the weekend and glued pieces as I found them digging in the sealaura vault. For some bare spots I covered the area with glue and then threw on some white seed beads. I think it came out pretty cool. Then after gluing all the jewels I glued two pieces of grosgrain ribbon to the back (for ties) and then covered the back with another layer of felt. Remember : when you draw your template make sure to make two.
Dahlings, This project can come together in 10 minutes or two days, depending on how detailed you want it to be and on the size of your jewels and embellishments. I liked walking away from it and coming back to add to my collage of sorts.

I know these instructions are kinda all over the map but that's how we roll over @sealaura industries. We are all over the map, but it's fun most of the time!!
I hope despite the crazy instructions, you give it a go!

In case you need more inspiration, I found this great blog called Pom Pom Emporium that also had a Bib necklace DIY. This blogger is kind enough to share a PDF file for the bib pattern.


Erin said...

Oh man this is awesome! I never even considered the possibility of making my own bib necklace, but you're totally inspiring me here! Love it!

L @ Salt and Sentiment said...

This is fantastic! Nice job!

Taylor said...

WOW - that is AMAZING! I love it! What a great idea...now I want to make my own! I love all the blues, definitely reminds me of the ocean.

PS...you could probably sell those!

drollgirl said...

this is going to look gorgeous on you! well done!!! you will have to post pics when you wear it!!

Mama C said...

Hola Laura! I really love how this bib turned out, it was neat to see it go from the beginning stages to the final product! Well I hope to be a regular on your blog once again, I can justify my time on the computer because now that's my job! And thats how we roll over here in the Valle de Manzanas!

simpledaisy said...

Get out...
How did you do all the new "work" on your blog??
I am so wanting to learn how to do all that stuff...the header and the awesome writing!!
Do tell....send me in the right direction!!! I also want to update the look of my etsy shop!!
Great job....your blog looks awesome:)

Cloudia said...

Very cool!

Aloha, my Friend

Comfort Spiral

Joyce said...

I like that it has everything and anything on it. Very pretty. xo

Style Odyssey said...

i like the new layout!
those sandy, silvery beiges and turquoises get me every time. eye candy, always!
what a fun-looking project.

Maya said...

Wow, Laura. Awesome blog makeover!!!

RottenMom said...

So beautiful. You are very talented!

Nawal said...

Love the colors and the inspiration!

swile67 said...

LOVE it! You are sooo crafty! you and i need to meet and i'm sure we would look for hours at each other's accessories drawers!!!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

very cool! Show it on...can ya?
Is it heavy??

willson said...

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