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Spicy Appetizer

B made this delish appetizer recently and we had troube sharing with the rest of the party, cuz they were so good!! Vegans, Vegetarians look away!! Basically cut jalapeños in half and stuff with cream cheese. B used cream cheese with chives. Then you place some bacon and throw it in the oven @ 425F for about 20 min! Voilà! Thought I would share this on a thursday during this Lent season. I always seem to want a steak on fridays during Lent even though I rarely ever have one!


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Sounds yummy...does the bacon get nice and crisp??

Fifi Flowers said...

Oooooh YUMMY!!!

drollgirl said...

i can't imagine what this tastes like! but if BACON is involved, i'm all over it!!!!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

um, I don't eat jalapeños but I'm sure I could find an alternative and use the base of the recipe to make something as yummy as this :) thanks for sharing!

Cloudia said...

Oh my, I'm hungry now!

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Deetree said...


Style Odyssey said...

omg, that looks and sounds insanely delicious! i must try this- if i can find jalapenos...sometimes they're available in the grocery store.
i LOVE bacon. it's my guilty pleasure. :)

simpledaisy said...

I wanted to tell you that I put these appetizers on a menu I am planning for a dinner party I am having in April!!!
Thanks for the idea.
I'll let you know how they turn out for me.
I am terrible with bacon! I think it hate me:)

Candi said...

These look and sound so good!