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Coconut Chai

Another rainy morning here in "sunny socal", perfect for a cup of coconut chai! I love anything tropical and this is a perfect little bit of tropics for a cold day. I found this tea at our local nutrition store and for about 6 bucks per can, you can enjoy a little treat from the beach. I like putting milk into my black teas and this one tastes fantastic con leche. Today I am spending the day interviewing my students for pretend job but in español! I like to throw in a little real world to our university bubble and so far my estudiantes have risen to the challenge. I've got nothing planned for the weekend, but it will be nice to just stay in and sip some coconut chai !


Rhonda @ Shellbelle's Tiki Hut said...

I love chai tea and coconut, but I've never had them together. I'll have to see if one of our local markets carry this brand. I checked out their website and they have some others I'l like to try also.

btw, I posted a chili recipe today that I think you might enjoy.

Enjoy a nice relaxing weekend!

Sam said...

This looks like a real treat - and very exotic to me!!

Hope it all goes well with your mock job interviews! What a terrific idea! I'm sure they will greatly benefit from the experience. Have a terrific weekend!

drollgirl said...

i hope you have a glorious weekend! and be careful out in the rain! yeesh, it is a mess out in so. cal right now!


MissBliss said...

Yum! I have never heard of these two together, and love all things tropical like you, so I have to try this one, too!

btw, my husband has survived Spanish 101 this semester! He only has the final left next week... it's been exciting to see him learning the language :)

Jamie Watson said...

Coconut chai sounds soooooo yummy! Have a lovely weekend!

simpledaisy said...

That tea sounds fabulous!!
Hey...thanks for the nice comments about my home!! I appreciate it:)
And...you know i'll posting pics of my trip to Key West! I am just so excited to go!!
Take care~

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

well. Yuuuuuuum!