Linda @ Lime in the Coconut referred to my babies as vanilla wafers and that is what I have been calling them now for a while. I thought you might like an update on Newman and his progress as an apprentice at the sealaura institute.

Well as you can see here his brother Norman who happens to be the CEO of our company is setting a great example. Here they are on one of their many breaks. Newman has mastered the skill of napping.They do live luxurious lives. That faux fur throw is my favorite blankie but it is now theirs!
Lastly here are my 2 employees at full attention during our last board meeting. But I think they thought they were going to get a treat so they were especially attentive. Newman is a sweetheart but we are working on NOT barking at people when we go on walks or after I put him the crate in order to go to my other job, the one that pays! Anywho I welcome any tips on that matter. He is a very good boy but the barking and being overly protective is a bit much, help!!
Thank you lovelies for your kind words regarding Meta. xoxo