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Monday Blues # 33

This morning I woke up with a wonderful surprise that took any kind of Monday Blues away. I won this cute anchor tote from the lovely Kate @ Nautical by Nature. Isn't it darling? If you know me by now, I can never have too many bags. I love this one!!!It is a little cloudy and cool this AM, and I am loving it. Especially because I am home with Norm since this is our little fall break weekend at the university YAY! The cloudy blue from above is from the VIs. Even cloudy is GORGEOUS there! I love looking at these colors, they make me so happy and not blue at all. Have a great start to the week.


Erin said...

What a cute tote! And such a pretty picture. That water definitely makes me happy too! I need it today, as it's been snowing here all morning and my ground is all white now!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Hey congrats on the bag....go use it...head to the beach, Girl!

Sam said...

Oh heaven! Look at that sea!! *wistful sigh* That bag was made for you me thinks - so good you won it!!

simpledaisy said...

Cute bag:) Enjoy your little break! Mine isn't for a couple more weeks!!

MissBliss said...

Perfect! A sea bag for sea laura!

Beach Vintage said...

Fantastical bag. Love the emblem.

Maya said...

Great bag! Congrats!!!

Carmi said...

That bag matches your outlook on life: brilliantly positive. I've always been fascinated by the way light plays differently in different parts of the world, but rarely have I seen it captured and described as wonderfully as here.

And please accept my apologies for missing your birthday. It's been a crazy time here, and I'm just starting to slowly get my bearings back. My advice for your next 35 (and the next, and...) is to simply continue to be yourself. You're inspiring just as you are.

Lolly said...

I love your photo of the sea, incredible