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Preppy Old Lady

I have been a lifelong silver girl but this fall is looking GOLDEN! I have acquired some of these pieces from thrift stores and others from the sealaura vault. And I am loving them!I have called this preppy old lady, because these pieces look a little "older lady" in my opinion, but you can rock them, once you start piling them on.
My sweet B bought these for me while we were in Vegas. I love these Minnetonka mocassins and their fringe. love this piece, perfect for a layered look. I add a gold link chain.
And here is what this old lady looked like on a saturday outing. Here I am sporting some Matix vintage miner mens jeans. They are a little big, but since this fall is all about the boyfriend everything, I thought they would be perfect for a "comfy saturday look". In the first pic you might have caught a glimpse of a vintage Vera scarf. Through a little internet research I learned that Miss Vera Neuman was quite the accomplished designer. I have always collected these pretty scarves because they were .... pretty. But recently I learned more about this lovely woman. Click here for more info. And there you have it, preppy old lady!


jane said...

looove the mocs!!

Queen B. said...

love the bling. I bought 4 necklaces on vacation this weekend too !
love the mocs..........xo

Erin said...

Super cute necklaces! LOVE those jeans too. I'd never take them off, they look so comfy! And don't you love your mocs?! They are from Minnesota! :)

Mary-Laure said...

I love it how you tied a scarf in your hair... Very cute!

anita said...

i'm cking out your aviators!
love 'em

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Love the mocs. . .super cute! PS -- you hav a blog award waiting for you missy. :)

sarah said...

oooh love the gold...it's coming back for sure

Cloudia said...

you look glorious and anything but old. You are a silver girl blooming into a golden goddess.
Love to Norman

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

lancelonie said...

Hello, summer here! That's cool! :)

Style Odyssey said...

pretty and chic! the necklaces are really great together. gold suits you. have you considered mixing gold with silver...i've started doing that, for days when i can't decide between the two.
and those moccasins...i must get me a pair of those! wouldn't they be cute with a short little dress?!

MissBliss said...

the necklace and bracelet you added the chain too look amazing!!!

Meta said...

Love all the pearls and gold....I'm wearing them a lot more lately too! And the scarf is so stylish!!!