I am currently obsessed with jeans right now, what about you? The ones above are called "Tomboy jeans" and are oh so cute. Although Anthropologie is a good friend of mine. It is not a good friend of the profesora budget. Plus I live in Cali, remember, so breathing costs money here (LOL!) I know jeans are a staple in any wardrobe, so this is no news flash here. However, I do have a little tip for you....I buy jeans at thrift stores and get them tailored to fit my shrimpy little body (plus if you happen to score designer jeans at the thrift shop and get them tailored -->heaven!). SOOOO worth it! It is EVEN BETTER than buying designer jeans because, they are truly made for me and my body type. I am a petite girl but I also have GIRLS up there and I am curvy. So shopping for sealaura clothes can be a challenge. Mostly everything I buy has to be hemmed. but whatev! Here is some wisdom I have learned in my 35 years : invest in tailoring your clothes! And as if having one obsession were not enough, here is another LUXE item that I would love in the sealaura closet. I really love rustic looking pieces because they are oh so beachy. What are your fashion loves for this fall?