No, this is not how I am feeling today! It is part deux of our tour at the Hearst Castle.
He was inspired by Spanish architecture.

Although it may seem like some of the statues and decorations are somewhat typical, they are not at all. Mr. Hearst was an avid collector. This whole place is an enormous museum from the steps to the doors. This castle is a place where he was able to showcase his treasures just about everywhere you turn. He might have been a bit of a braggosaurus rex, I guess!
The indoor pool. Beautiful! Lots of parties in here and there seemed to be some naughty corner's à la Hefner! However, despite having had his own indiscretions, Mr. Hearst did not allow for unmarried couples to stay in the same room. He would often host many actors, directors, and politicians but according to our guide, if any of the guests were inappropriate he would have their bags packed ASAP!
I loved all the ornate entrances and pretty much the ornate EVERYTHING yet it did not look tacky or gaudy. Mr. Hearst loved to decorate and I must say I think he had a great eye.
This is a small corner of one of the big party rooms.
I had to include this pond on our tour because Mr. Hearst was an animal lover. He had many exotic animals on his estate and he also had his beloved dachshund Helen. That ramp you see is one he had put there for his Helen, who loved to take little dips!