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Monday Blues #29

Happy Monday everyone! This little guy ought to take the blues away. This past Saturday was B's birthday and Norm and I got this card him. B used to be a navy diver so we thought it was apropos. This is a busy week here at the villa. I am hoping Norm can help me stay on task with my course preparations. I can NOT lollygag anymore!!! Do you ever tell yourself stuff like that? Well it is my mantra for today because the clock is a ticking! So quick post today dolls, I am off to conquer my syllabi and try to make my courses interesting, educational and hopefully fun. If you have any fond memories of any great class you had in high school or in college please do share. I would love to know why it was so great. MIL GRACIAS! I can use all the help I can get. :)

The card was from Avanti Press www.avantipress.com


Alyssa Barnett said...

You're right! This picture did cheer me up! :)

Deetree said...

that card is hysterically funny! i love it!!! happy monday!

Gabbi said...

Adorable card dear Laura! All this back to school talk is making me nostalgic... ♥

Brenda's Arizona said...

Oh my, this is the funniest picture of the day! Happy Monday back to you!

Drawn to The Sea said...

Unfortunately I have nothing to share about school. I learn better in small groups or on my own. I didn't like school & I barely remember it. (Yes, I'm that old.)

Norm is such a good sport. Gotta love a dog that puts up with such shenanigans, what a hoot :-)


Maya said...

Oh my gosh! How hilarious is this shot. School, hmmmm. I loved my "tough" German teacher..., because I felt challenged. She really made me learn grammar, which I happend to like.

Mimi said...

This is just too cute! Happy Monday!

anita said...

laura-cute card!

field trips were my favorite,
even back then..travel, travel,
see the world

Lin said...

That made me smile! What a cutie!

Joyce said...

A cute photo- too funny! xoxo