Kate from Nautical by Nature tagged me to share some of my summer faves: Favorite Summer Movie: This summer I have to say The Hangover because it was so ridiculous and also because it was set in Vegas. Vegas also means summer to me since I usually go visit my family and that heat definitely says summer. Generally I enjoy travel docs and movies set in tropical settings. Favorite Summer Cocktail: margaritas followed by a mojito Favorite Summer Song: Jamming by Bob Marley but really the whole LEGEND album. also love hearing Kokomo by the Beach Boys. Favorite Summer Meal: a good piece of grilled meat. I don't often eat meat so it definitely signals summer for me and the outdoors. Favorite Summer Outfit: This summer I have been sporting white shorts with a grey tank. I simply love wearing white. B teases me and says I look like a sailor wearing my "summer whites" ( B was in the Navy) Favorite Summer Reading: I can't think of a book so I just have to say blogs, Coastal Living, and People Style Watch. I love to read fluff because during the academic year I have to read serious stuff.
Favorite Summer moment:
Going to Santa Barbara with B the summer we met. (aaaaaww I know!)

Not too many surprising answers here but please feel free to share some of your summer faves.