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Kate from Nautical by Nature tagged me to share some of my summer faves: Favorite Summer Movie: This summer I have to say The Hangover because it was so ridiculous and also because it was set in Vegas. Vegas also means summer to me since I usually go visit my family and that heat definitely says summer. Generally I enjoy travel docs and movies set in tropical settings. Favorite Summer Cocktail: margaritas followed by a mojito Favorite Summer Song: Jamming by Bob Marley but really the whole LEGEND album. also love hearing Kokomo by the Beach Boys. Favorite Summer Meal: a good piece of grilled meat. I don't often eat meat so it definitely signals summer for me and the outdoors. Favorite Summer Outfit: This summer I have been sporting white shorts with a grey tank. I simply love wearing white. B teases me and says I look like a sailor wearing my "summer whites" ( B was in the Navy) Favorite Summer Reading: I can't think of a book so I just have to say blogs, Coastal Living, and People Style Watch. I love to read fluff because during the academic year I have to read serious stuff.
Favorite Summer moment:
Going to Santa Barbara with B the summer we met. (aaaaaww I know!)

Not too many surprising answers here but please feel free to share some of your summer faves.


Queen B. said...

I've never tried a mojito, can you believe ???????????
Your book will be in the mail tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!!

Gabbi said...

A great tag dear Laura! I'm with you on the whites, white is such a fresh color to wear in the summer. And I love that your favorite summer was the one you both spent in SB (one of my favorite cities). Very romantic!

Mimi said...

Hey! This is really good! I didn't know you were a Marley fan (although it makes sense). I like how you put multiple answers for all. Your whole list covers me and the hubs.


Floyd says hi!

Meta said...

Great post, Laura! Love the hat, too. Hmm, I would have to say Great Summer Memory - Vacationing in the Virgin Islands! Hope to go back one day. I know what you mean about Santa Barbara, too...such a romantic place. Oh, and fave summer song would have to be the same Beach Boys song you picked! It may sound corny but everytime I see the movie Cocktail, it puts me in a good mood.


simpledaisy said...

Let's see...
My summer faves:
the warm sun on my skin
biking on a warm summer morning
enjoying relaxing days at the beach
working in the garden
being outside
wearing tank tops and sandals
feeling super energized and motivated!
You get the idea:)
Have a great week!

Drawn to The Sea said...

I have so much white in my closet it looks like a nurse lives here ;-) It just feels clean & fresh & good, doesn't it?

Beach Vintage said...

A couple of margaritas followed by a couple of mojito's sounds good to me.

Brenda's Arizona said...

Oh yes, my best summer moment was in SB, too! Fun reading your responses - but Norm wasn't mentioned. sigh...

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Oh love your summer list...and that last one certainly gets an ahhhh!

Cheryl said...

I picked Stir it up by Bob Marley and the Wailers - but really anything by Mr. Marley and I am feeling happy and summery! We have the same taste Miss Laura :)

Eliza said...

i LOVEd the hangover..bradley cooper is delicious in that! Nice choices for the summer song and summer drinks :)

Kate said...

Great song choices! I love Coastal Living too