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Gibney Beach Beatnik Beads?

Don't these look like grapes? Any botanists out there?
I took these shots at Gibney beach in St. John this summer. This was a great day. The scenery was just spectacular and I felt like Brooke Shields in the Blue Lagoon, exploring nature's beauty .
Maybe these beadlike berries were used for necklaces back in the day?? It turns out that this gorgeous white sand beach was the view to the home of John and Nancy Gibney. Thanks to my dear friend Janet, I learned that the Gibneys were "an integral part of the "Beat Generation." In later years, their children took after their parents and entertained many friends who in those days were referred to as "hippies". This little beach is off the beaten path and you feel like it is you and nobody else----HEAVENLY! It's cool history, for me, is also part of the magic of this lovely playa. For more cool Gibney beach history click here.


Maya said...

I read the history, so interesting..., and I was entirely unfamiliar with the "Beat Generation".

Queen B. said...

waay cool shots !
Let me know when your book arrives !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Drawn to The Sea said...
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Drawn to The Sea said...

Sea Grapes... so pretty, but don't eat em. Sometimes Home Depot has them (in appropriate climes)... each store's stock varies.

St. John... calling me...

(that deleted comment was me... correcting a boo boo)

Deetree said...

Oooh I'm a big fan of the beats ~ I was introduced to The Dharma Bums (Kerouac) at 15 and now have a pretty nice lil collection! Your blog never ceases to make me smile Laura! Miercoles Feliz!

anita said...

interesting history of gibney beach..yeah, beatniks baby..for-runners of hippies in everything cool! i just reread kerouacs book this summer, very beat!

yes those are sea grapes laura,
did you see the posts of mine from sanibel..they are everywhere here in florida, i never saw them as beads before, but now i will!
beautiful pics from the islands

Mimi said...

I love sea grapes and despite what other readers have written, they are edible, a bit tart (which I like) and used for jams, jellies, and the leaves are used to wrap special desserts and such. I love these.

simpledaisy said...

Now those are the kind of grapes I need! Sea grapes....how awesome!!
Sounds like a fabulous part of your trip:)

anita said...

hi laura..watching vh1 beatles anthology tonight i hear that beatles named themselves b/c of the "beat" generation of their day..and b/c they heard in a james dean movie the motorcyclist call themselves "beatles" after the same reason..i thought of you when i learned this

Barbara Jacksier said...

I, too have tasted sea grapes in Jamaica. Kind of tart but good.

Ann said...

Those are pretty amazing shots and the place looks so dreamy and idyllic.