Yesterday I received a wonderful book from my new friend Queen Bee. The title is April and Oliver and I won it in her giveaway last week! In case you aren't familiar with her blog, she writes

Along with being a beach lover, she is a wonderful cook and photographer. Her photos always brighten my day. Oh! and she has a wonderful little dog Bebe. You must check out this pup's blog because she is so adorable especially when she is caught in mid flight. You must click here, I promise you won't be dissapointed. After Norm saw this blog, he wanted to start his own, but we decided he has enough responsibilities being Head TA and CEO of sealaura (although I would not be surprised if he brought it up again!) . In fact the picture below is from a recent sealaura company meeting. Well today I am off to the university where I moonlight (or sunlight?) as a profesora de espaƱol. What?! You thought I was a full time supermodel/photographer/traveler ??? I'm easing in to the fall by meeting the athletes for their placement tests. Things are starting to get busy, but I think Norm and I can handle it. Have a lovely day darlings and muchas gracias Queen Bee . I can't wait to start my book!