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Yesterday I was inspired by the simplicity of dear Joyce's pasta salad @ A Perfect Beginning. If you want to check out the recipe click here. Anyway, I am big on turning over new leaves. No, not the basil leaves, but new leaves in my life.

CONFESSION : I have always been turned off by the kitchen and cooking.

Suffice it to say some negative personas in my life made the kitchen a place where I always felt inadequate. Yes I am what seems to be the only non-cooking, non-dancing Latina out there. WE do exist, along with the chupacabra but I digress....Anyway, I am going to try and give it another go. I don't honestly enjoy cooking but I want to try and be more well rounded. A girl can't live on cereal alone can she? Now I am not promising anything crazy, no Julia Child or Rachael Ray over here. Just Laura L. trying to figure out how a kitchen works and what she can create in it.
I repeat don't expect me to be posting any recipes ( baby steps right???) , I will be blurking around some more and trying to learn from all of you amazing women and men out there. :)

Gracias Joyce, for inspiring me.


Maya said...

I'm not big on cooking..., whatever I do it's got to be under twenty minutes, preferably in one pot. During the week it's mixed salads, on weekends something else. So I'm curious how you'll be doing. You got to eat vegetables girl! LOL.

Gabbi said...

That salad looks delicious and perfect for summer... I'm also a non-cooking, non-dancing Latina. We should start a support group. My sister was always the one helping out in the kitchen growing up and I was left with cleaning the house (for special occasions) while they did that. As a result, I can't cook but I can vacuum like nobodies business :)

Joyce said...

Laura- You are so sweet! Don't you love this salad?! I could eat the whole dish myself.

I'll share with you growing up- you would not find me in the kitchen or near it, except for passing through coming or going. I was the social butterfly of the family. I would make my mom's life difficult being in the kitchen that she would rather I didn't attempt. My one sister was the one who loved to be in the kitchen and still does (she owns a little bake shop in Texas). My love for cooking and baking didn't start until I was living on my own and slowly (and I mean slowly) developed. It speeded up once I got married and we bought a house years later. I love to have friends and family pver to entertain.

There are many levels of cooking/baking you will find the nich that suits you and B just fine.

Thanks again my sweet friend for the moment to shine.

Hugs to you and Norm!! xoxo

Deetree said...

it's never too late to turn over new leaves! who knows, you may find a brand new passion along the way! I am a fan of cooking, but not the stuff w/a hundred ingredients.

Erin said...

I dunno...I think a girl CAN live on cereal! I like to add bananas and peaches to mine. How about that for cooking!

I'm looking forward to you inspiring me! :)

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

The best part about cooking...there really are no rules. None that can't be changed, exploited, ruined...and that's how you start...knowing you really can't screw anything up...'the dog will almost always eat it. And if he doesn't...feed the plants (or the disposer). It's all good.

I love Joyce and her loving, lovely ways...and what a great salad to start with!


Yum...perfect summer delight!
& Cheers to turning over new leaves too! ~XO*

Alyssa Barnett said...

my cooking is only partially appreciated by my children and that's only because they don't know better. Now you've inspired me to try a few new recipes and get back into the kitchen.

jane said...

haha! just like to say if i can learn anyone can learn... if not, there is always yogurt and fruit... if you ever get tired of cereal... :)

I'm Julia said...

I used to be a cooking fool... now I look for simple, fast recipes like this one. What a fresh treat. Yum!

Surf Girl said...

That pasta salad looks so delicious!!! Small steps - you'll be a kitchen pro in no time. :)

Candi said...

This looks delicious! Oh and I'm another non cooking Latina...you're not alone Laura :)

drollgirl said...

ahah!!! we can't all be good at everything! i know many that don't like to cook, and they seem to get by just fine without it. :)

i like cooking and baking sometimes, but it doesn't always turn out so great!

but this pasta above looks DELICIOUS and i might have to try it!


You are so perfect in so many ways. I would eat anything that you would make me...did you ever consider that perhaps the kitchen is where you should be...??? Perhaps that is your special purpose in life and you just haven't unleashed it! LPxo

Lin said...

That pasta looks delicioso! I just now saw your comment on my cooking blog, from a month ago! Thanks for stopping by. I see your picture of books, you have Charles Shulz! I do love Snoopy and have quite a collection! Someday I may post about it!

Mama C said...

Just to let you know, I have always LOVED everything you have ever cooked. Even if you feel out of place in the kitchen, you still rock.

Eliza said...

yum!!! looks delicious!!