Yesterday I was inspired by the simplicity of dear Joyce's pasta salad @ A Perfect Beginning. If you want to check out the recipe click here. Anyway, I am big on turning over new leaves. No, not the basil leaves, but new leaves in my life.

CONFESSION : I have always been turned off by the kitchen and cooking.

Suffice it to say some negative personas in my life made the kitchen a place where I always felt inadequate. Yes I am what seems to be the only non-cooking, non-dancing Latina out there. WE do exist, along with the chupacabra but I digress....Anyway, I am going to try and give it another go. I don't honestly enjoy cooking but I want to try and be more well rounded. A girl can't live on cereal alone can she? Now I am not promising anything crazy, no Julia Child or Rachael Ray over here. Just Laura L. trying to figure out how a kitchen works and what she can create in it.
I repeat don't expect me to be posting any recipes ( baby steps right???) , I will be blurking around some more and trying to learn from all of you amazing women and men out there. :)

Gracias Joyce, for inspiring me.