This past weekend was marvelous. B and I headed to ikea for some nesting inspiration. It was such a nice trip. BTW, may I recommend lunch at the cafeteria? It was so delicious and inexpensive. Here is mine:

I loved these light blue plates, they were so pretty and well priced but I had to leave them there, because I already have plates, darn it!

I don't know about you, but every trip I make to ikea I seem to go through the same crazy pattern.
1. I grab stuff

2. I enjoy the different rooms and take many mental notes
3. I get sooooo excited about the goodies I am about to get
4. I peruse through the marketplace

5. I start getting overwhelmed

6. I start getting hungry again even though I just had lunch ( can you say $1 ice cream cone?)

7. I realize I need to go potty
8. I reach the cashier stations and evaluate the items in my hot little ikea hands
9. I end up leaving with less than $10 worth of stuff! This happens because I realize I have just been caught up in all the ikea goodness and don't really need new stuff and also because I just can't handle making decisions on what to get. I am a Libra (scales) work with me! :)

it was so much fun! After going through the whole maze (as fun as it was), I was ready to go!