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Monday Blues # 25 @IKEA

This past weekend was marvelous. B and I headed to ikea for some nesting inspiration. It was such a nice trip. BTW, may I recommend lunch at the cafeteria? It was so delicious and inexpensive. Here is mine:

I loved these light blue plates, they were so pretty and well priced but I had to leave them there, because I already have plates, darn it!

I don't know about you, but every trip I make to ikea I seem to go through the same crazy pattern.
1. I grab stuff

2. I enjoy the different rooms and take many mental notes
3. I get sooooo excited about the goodies I am about to get
4. I peruse through the marketplace

5. I start getting overwhelmed

6. I start getting hungry again even though I just had lunch ( can you say $1 ice cream cone?)

7. I realize I need to go potty
8. I reach the cashier stations and evaluate the items in my hot little ikea hands
9. I end up leaving with less than $10 worth of stuff! This happens because I realize I have just been caught up in all the ikea goodness and don't really need new stuff and also because I just can't handle making decisions on what to get. I am a Libra (scales) work with me! :)

it was so much fun! After going through the whole maze (as fun as it was), I was ready to go!


anita said...

i've been to ikeas in iceland, philly, atlanta, and here in orlando. i've even seen one in paris..i'm inspired by the modern simplicity that ikea offers.
we have renovated several investment properties with entire ikea kitchens, but i'm with you..
it is overwhelming and tiring.
we love those swedish meatballs!

Erin said...

Ha! I go through pretty much the same routine when I go to Ikea! And I'm also a Libra! :)

Maya said...

That so easily happens at IKEA! Fortunately I do not really like shopping that much and the trip to IKEA is just a boring 45 min highway ride. I did get awesome curtains there the last time I went.

drollgirl said...

hahha! ikea madness strikes again! i do the same exact thing! and the ikea in burbank has the worst parking scene on PLANET EARTH, so i usually just end up buying what i can hand carry. thankfully that isn't all that much, so i usually don't spend all that much!

Gabbi said...

Awesome Monday Blues.♥

I do the same! And sort of do that at Target also. I go nuts and then I put a bunch of stuff back. :) I love the Swedish meatballs there... and the cookies too.

Just ate lunch and now I'm hungry again! :D

(ps. Glad to hear the vino worked and that sleep patterns are back on track! I hate it when they get off course.♥♥)

Mimi said...

I also <3 Ikea... Love the siggy by the way.

swile67 said...

don't forget to sample the chocolate! i lived in sweden for a year and their chocolate is amazing..."marabou"

K @ Blog Goggles said...

That food is from ikea? I'm very impressed.

J - Pacha Mama said...

We've been to Ikeas in Baltimore, MD; College Park, MD; Woodbridge, VA; King of Prussia, PA; Houston, TX; Dallas, TX; Round Rock, TX; Atlanta, GA; Orlando, FL; and most recently here in Tampa, FL. Within the next 12 months, we hope to visit IKEAs in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and Charlotte, NC. Even when we go to IKEA "with a list" we still end up taking longer than we expected...and yes, something about the store makes people hungry.