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Monday Blues # 26

Hola! This week's Monday Blues is brought to you by this sweet Laguna Beach meter. B and I headed to la playa for a picnic and were met by huge waves! In fact we had to walk quite aways because the parking lot had been damaged by the high tide. We were lucky to find a little private access to the beach and voilá our walk was cut in half!
Although the water was a bit on the dangerous side, we still managed to have a little dip. My legs are a wee bit sore from trying not to get sucked in by the strong riptides. And mind you I was only calf deep in the water. It would be calmish for a minute and then BAM! An enormous wave hits you. Almost a perfect weekend, but we had to leave our Norman @ the villa since doggies are not allowed on Laguna beaches. Normie did enjoy a nice outing with a good friend in the land of Red, which allowed us some good playtime. We even got to see a movie : 500 days of Summer ( more about that later this week). Hope your weekend starts out with an amazing wave of good energy :)


anita said...

i love this laura, love the tucked away beach access between private homes, love picnics.
but those waves look fierce..

i'll keep my fingers crossed for you about upcoming trip!

Maya said...

Not bad those waves..., nobody in the water I assume! It's a summery day right now (how rare!)..., but I've got chores today -Monday is my house cleaning day!

Candi said...

How cute is that meter! I don't know if you follow Jasmine Star's blog, but she mentioned the waves in her post today. They sound dangerous! Great photos!!!

jane said...

those waves look a little scary! next time up to your ankles! besos! p.s. the soggy dollar looks like a slice of heaven! now i want to sell everything (which isn´t much) and open up the soggy dollar 2!

drollgirl said...

wow, that water looks FEROCIOUS! i would be a little bit scared to venture in beyond a couple of toes!

Gabbi said...

Awesome Monday blues dear Laura, but I'm so not buying it... amazing beach view! and there's clearly nothing 'blue' about your lovely post.

My friend and her nieces headed over to Newport on Friday but had to leave because of the waves, they were apparently to high and I think someone was hurt so they weren't allowing anyone to access the public beaches. Very scary isn't it? And it was so hot too... crazy summer... :)

Also really want to see '500 days of summer' can't wait to read all about it!


Hola back!
Nice view & climbing up those steps would make a great calorie burner! xo*

Ann said...

Oh yes ... the blue waters on the beaches of Laguna looks dreamy. And the meter is just so cool.

Brenda's Arizona said...

The meter is the coolest! Just looking at it creates a mindset. Love the photo of the waves - I can almost hear their roar. Thanks for the mind trip everytime I read your blog.

Katie said...

Girl, you are a blogging rockstar! I miss you!