500 days of summer
Here is why you should run and see it:
1. Who doesn't need a little happy right now??
2. its beautiful architectural perspective of Los Angeles

As I watched the movie I was trying to figure out where it was set. Was it New York? San Fran? and then I saw this :

And I knew it was my beloved LA! Often times, LA is presented as a plastic, personalityless place. And when it comes to architecture there is no doubt that New York and Chicago are absolutely amazing cities. But guess what, so is LA !
( I always thought so !
) If you want more info on this beautiful art deco building click here and scroll down a bit.

Ok so back to the movie. It was fun and quirky and not your typical love story or romantic comedy . In some ways, the previous depiction could and might be used to describe this movie. But the quirkyness and romance are portrayed in a freshly distinctive manner. The beautiful Zooey Deschanel is so fun to watch. Those blue eyes alone just draw you into the girl and her co-star Joseph Gordon Levitt is just charming. You might recall he was in that show Third Rock From the Sun. Thank God this former child actor is doing well :)
I know this review is kind of cryptic and all over the map, but I don't want to ruin it for you. Go see it, and I am pretty certain you will enjoy it.
In case 500 Days of Summer takes forever to get to your town, you might be tempted to see that Katherine Heigl movie, right? Well dolls, wait for the video. Sure, if you are down in the dumps, this chick flick might cheer you up. Perfect for an outing with the girls, but whatever you do, don't pay full price. See the matinee if you must. I know Gerard Butler is calling you, but he'll still be there in a few months on video. This movie is very typical. Don't get me wrong sometimes typical and predictable is just what we need. But I rather you drive the 55 miles that B and I did, to find a rewarding movie like 500 Days of Summer.