A few weeks ago Gabbi from Felino Felice gave me the nicest compliment by giving me the You are a Good Read Award (gracias Gabbi!). Her post that day was AMAZING!! It was a work of art so check it out here if you have un minuto. Anyway, it got me to thinking about some problemitas I have with reading and libros. As many of you know I am a profesora de espaƱol here in the land of Red. But I must confess, I am not a good reader. What I mean is, I have lost my reading drive! Where can I get some reading Viagra? I need it!

Ever since I had to study for my comprehensive exams in grad school, it has been hard for me to be able to finish a book. I think the trauma of having to inhale everything written from the Middle Ages til ummmm..... yesterday was so overwhelming that it kinda stole my love of reading. So I am hoping to break out of this non-reading rut. When I do read, I read a lot of Spanish essays and of course I read all of your lovely blogs. My other reading habits include Instyle, Coastal Living and a little Us Weekly here and there (don't judge! haha!), but I am trying to read a book! Any suggestions?
I do love 19th century France, and the idea of traveling via books, but I am open to ANY good read. I want to laugh, I want to be engrossed and not be able to put the book down. When I was a little chiquita I used to read soooo much. Back then it was the whole Beverly Cleary series. I loved Beezus and Ramona! I also loved E.B. White. I want that love of reading to come back!
Please help me dahlings and leave me any suggestions. What book made you drop everything?