Ok, so that is not really me! As much as I like la playa I don't want to be known as Laura la Lagartija/ Lizard so no, laying out for me this weekend. I do want to head out somewhere fabulous though. I want to do a little people watching, photographing, window shopping and maybe squeeze in a little drinky drink! It is hot in the land of Red and I rather pay money for an outing than for AC in the villa. But then this little face hits me, AAAAH! I feel bad leaving my baby at home but Mom and Dad need some grown up time. Yes, I am a freak and believe to be his mother. I am trying to get his weekend outing in order. He might be spending the day in Yucaipa with a sitter. Although she warned me that Norm might be sharing the spotlight with some chickens. One of the interesting things about living in the IE is that one minute you are in a nice university town and the next you are face to face with a mountain lion or even a chicken!
Hope you have a great weekend!