Are you ready for another little tour of my villa? Well, today I will show you my living room. But first something you should know: While B shares my love for the sea he is an Alaskan born Texan. Did you get that? : ) He was born in Alaska from Texan parents and has lived all over due to his time in the NAVY! Are you singing? In the Navy!
This little fact is important because we have had to combine his Alaskan woodsy vibe with my clean crisp beachy vibe. And if I do say so myself, I think we have been successful so far. I was especially excited because the rug you see above is one of B's most prized possesions. He bought it in Turkey and is supposed to get even lovelier with age. I am not one for dark colors but I think it works. Even Norm got into the decorative spirit by placing his favorite bed on the couch (if you look carefully you can spot my CEO in the first pic).
For those of you on a budget and/or looking to do some changes in your casita, may I suggest my dear friend Craigslist? I found both my couch and beautiful pottery barn chair on that handy little site and for little dinero (cuz that's how I roll, I am a teacher remember :). I know CG is scary for some folks, but if you exercise some basic safety rules, you will be surprised by how many goodies you can find.This beautiful painting was a gift from my dear friend Katie. This is one of my most prized possesions and to be honest I was worried it would not go with our CG chic decor. But it does!Lastly let me introduce you to my first villa guests. Newlyweds Lexie and Gabe! They made a brief stop in the land of Red on what we are calling "Connecticut Storm". After packing and storing their posessions everywhere possible in Redlands, including their 2 cats, they were back from their Hawaiian wedding & honeymoon. That was confusing, wasn't it?! But basically we have all been moving at the same time and playing "store my stuff please!" Luckily after a brief snafoo with illegal pet carriers they were able to board Virgin Airlines with their furrkids Orange and Nightshade.
Those of you still reading, gracias! and hasta pronto. :)
PS : extra credit if you can guess where my title for today comes from.