The Blue Lady
For today's Monday blues I am sharing with you a favorite art piece from the very talented Katie McGuire. Katie and I have been friends since we were in 7th grade. We both attended Marlborough School in LA for 6 years! Katie has been kind enough to let me host the
blue lady for the past couple of years and I recently started to think about actually getting a piggy bank to try and actually become the proud owner of this piece.

Until then, the blue lady will keep us company at our little dining nook in the villa. And she has a friend. This is B's and apparently it is Starbuck's first ad. It is on the left wall. This was your first peek into my villa, stay tuned...
Onto some more blue...This past weekend B and I went to a celebration! Our friend Mike received his Phd in chemistry from UCR. As you can see he was all decked out in his blue regalia! Cheers Mike! Please feel free to share your blue pics if you wish :)