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Thematic Photographic : Signs

This week's theme @ Written is Signs. I spotted this sign at a Valero Gas Station in Palm Springs . It was posted outside the mini mart of the station and it make me chuckle. I love it:
N to the O = NO!
This other one is more sticker than a sign but I thought it was cute. I saw it at the VW BUG-IN 34.If you want to see more signs, make sure to stop by Written. And if people get testy or want to slide... remember all you have to say is N to the O = NO! :)


Pamela said...

Now that would be a great place to put in an ATM machine. (:

I wonder what the "P.S. GAS" means?? any ideas?

Mama C said...

Maybe Palm Springs Gas? I don't know.

N to the O = NO! Love it, that is what I'm going to start saying to my kids to drive them nuts. Ha! Thanks for the chucle!

Stephanie Clayton said...

lol! this is great!

i just posted a comment to my blog, in reply to your question about the bvi.
have a fabulous time in the islands!

Gabbi said...

N to the O... that's the theme for the day :) Sort of sad though isn't it? Poor people who can't afford gas... and the hippies that got beat up and lost their van??? Thanks' for making me laugh Laura! xoxo

Beach Vintage said...

I love this. I work in retail and am sick of people expecting the world from you. I will silently be saying this under my breath. N to the O.

Heather said...

I love these ... I might have to try N to the O = NO with my kiddos! :)

g said...

Funny!! A great sign find. A sign of the times but also with great humor.

Catherine@Simply Natural said...

Love it! I could think of so many situations I would love to say N to the O myself!