The road sign above means ONE WAY but as we all know language can be interpreted in many ways. I am participating in Carmi's thematic photographic and today's signs are from México. I took these to show my estudiantes examples of the spanglish that is so prevalent in the US and across the border. For many linguists spanglish is a touchy subject which I won't get into here but I do think it is a neat way to see how a language is a living thing. As a profesora de español, I of course stick to no spanglish en la clase but that does not mean I don't ever use it or that I don't get a quick out of it. Would you like a DONA this morning?One of my favorite signs from that trip was for CHINALOA. Sinaloa is one of the 31 states in Mexico. (hee hee! or ja ja as we laugh en español!)
Since it is the weekend, I will leave you with this sign. Do I have any takers?
!Nos vemos el lunes si no antes!
¡Que se diviertan!