I don't know if it comes from being an immigrant but I actually like moving, I don't like the mess and unpacking but I do like new adventures. As a child I moved to many apartments around the LA/Hollywood area and it was always so exciting to see the layout of our new home. I moved to the US on Dec 30th 1980. I remember going to the airport in El Salvador and then magically appearing in this new land. Since we ended up staying in the US for unexpected reasons ( a post for another day) we had to start over. Our first home was on Vine Street and Fountain at the VIlla Elaine. It might be the hipster, starving artist cool place to live now, but it was pretty bad back then. I remember hearing the mice squeaking and the traps snapping. I also remember my Dad telling us how the Villa Elaine was an amazing place where movie stars used to vacation and how lucky we were to live there (according to his imagination). I was mesmerized by the idea that "Los Beatles" as my dad called them had possibly stayed at the Villa Elaine. It made those first months in the US a little easier, knowing that in our studio apartment, the four of us were living in Hollywood! It just occurred to me that there is a parallel between the sealaura villa and the Villa Elaine. They are both places where rebuilding will take place. In the Villa Elaine, we celebrated the birth of our new lives in a new country and in the sealaura villa I will be celebrating another new start. The good thing about moving so much is that you get to take inventory on your material stuff and of your life. It can be painful to sift through old memories but it can also be soothing to have your last moments with some old ghosts and then push forward.
I couldn't find my pictures of the Villa Elaine so this one is from Amazon.com. The group Remy Zero apparently spent some time here for this album.
BTW, this is my 200th post crazy huh??? :)