Recently my ipod passed on so I took the leap and traded my dead one in for an itouch. I think the itouch is ubercool and amazing however I have not been able to fully crack the code. What I mean is that I am not sure what cool apps I should get. B LOVES "the touch" as he calls it Did I say LOVE? Yes! I can usually find it nestled in his hands as he goes through some chemistry applications or some other fun "B" things he has downloaded. But what are some cool "L" things to download? Are there beach applications? One thing I did find and enjoy is the Lose it application for counting your daily calories (hey, just trying to be healthy!).
I usually do ok with technology but I guess I just have to spend some quality time with "the touch". If you have any recommendations for apps, I would appreciate it. I have been sick this week and since everyone is afraid of the swine flu I have quarantined myself and technology is my only form of contact with the outside :). I do think I am on the mend, but either way thoughts?