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sealaura @the prom! '93

Some of you might have seen or participated in this bloggy tag of posting prom pictures. Well dahlings here is mine! I went to an all girl school in LA : Marlborough School. I started in 7th grade and left in 12th. YES, dahlings 6 years with the same (more or less) girls. I didn't truly enjoy those six years but during those years I made some of my most precious friendships. Enough sap... Anywho, my prom was in some hotel in Santa Monica and I went with a friend from Loyola School. It was ok, awkward like most of those six years.
Not to toot my own horn, but since my prom pic is not completely hideous I thought I would share my senior portrait with you. It is tradition at my school that we all wear the
same white dress. I look like a piñata with poofy hair Mind you this was before my supermodel days (joke! remember earlier post) and although I love to take pics, I don't really like being photographed. Either way Enjoy!:So, somewhere out there I imagine a prom will be going on this weekend! Fun right? I think what I liked most about the prom was getting dolled up and hanging with my amigas because there was always mischief to be had. I tag anyone who wants to share their prom pic. If you do, please do tell dahling so I can visit. Happy Friday and maybe we should all have a prom of our own this weekend!


Catherine@Simply Natural said...

Great trip down memory lane!
I hope you have a great weekend Laura.

Erin said...

HA! That white dress is too much!

I loved prom for the same reason...getting all dolled up and spending the night with friends. I will have to consider sharing my picture, but it is truly hideous!!

Have a great weekend!

drollgirl said...

I LOVE IT!!! you are too much. and i applaud you for posting pics. I HATE having my picture taken, too. it is so painful. but i like your shots, and you seem fab. i am going to follow yer blog starting now!

Gabbi said...

Great post!!! I love both photos... very jealous of that Senior photo in the white dress by the way. It's such an elegant idea. I went to public school and we didn't have anything half as nice. :)

Joyce said...

I love both photos and you look BEAUTIFUL! I rather be behind the camera then in front any day. Hugs to you and Norm! xoxo


Your photo looks nice, infact gorgeousss...Some prom pics looks quite scary-hee! Thanks for your kind words dear...~Lovely new week to you! XO*

AndreaLeigh said...

i love the look on your face. that is just priceless. :) you look beautiful in your prom pic. love the dress!

simpledaisy said...

Too funny!! I love old pictures...they always remind me of how far I have come!!!

Beach Vintage said...

I had a chuckle today thanks to this post. I have my own memories of prom/graduation too!

me melodia said...

love the happy camper face.

Julie Carobini said...

You all had to wear the same white dress? Isn't that a fashion faux paux of some sort? Lol Beautiful photo & setting though :)

My high school tradition (Eagle Rock in LA) was to wear white dresses at graduation instead of cap n' gowns. So I sorta feel your pain ...