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Thematic Photographic: Floral #2

Spring is a time for changes
I was out back @sealaura headquarters and I was so amazed by the loyalty of my roses. People have come and gone but these roses along with some other floral beauties have always come back and cheered me up. I have lived at this house for 5 years and they have not been easy years. Many changes have occurred and although some of those changes were hard hits, I am happy to report that I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. I used to come out to this yard and look over to where the pool was going to go and where the kids would play. Now, I simply come out to try and keep it alive so that the next owner can enjoy them. It has been difficult to live in a house where I lost some of my dreams.
But a bittersweet happiness is peeking from the other side. In about a month and half the sealaura estate will relocate to a nice apartment but still in the land of Red. I am so excited! Leaving this house will be like peeling a band aid off quickly. I need to do it and it has to happen now. I just hope that all the planning I have been doing to secure a smooth exit will occur (ie new tenants and a smooth transition to new owner).If you have read this far, thank you. It is hard being a grown up these days. And if you have read my header, part of this blog is me surfing through life. I am so excited to catch the next wave. :)


anita said...

hi laura...

fresh starts are always nice..a beautiful heart always finds beauty! so, i know you will too!

Gabbi said...

Your flowers are gorgeous dear Laura and I very much relate to your post. I bought my house about 3 years ago and it's hard not to worry about the 'investment' that I thought I was making. My sister is about to lose her house also, unless they modify the loan for her. She says it's just not worth it anymore. Owes more than it's worth and the interest rate is ridiculous. The lovely thing is that we're still at a good age for change. Staying optimistic and seeing the hope that flowers often symbolize for me is a great way to see the world. Thank you for sharing.

jane said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting! I love your blog! Can´t wait to see what your new adventures bring! I´ll be back often. Un abrazo! Jane

Joyce said...

Laura, sometimes it is hard to close one door to open the next. I look forward to walking with you as you create a home in your new move. Has anyone broke the news to Norm? xoxo

sealaura said...

thanks for all the support. your words move me and motivate me even more to keep walking forward towards new adventures.

Maya said...

Sound like a big adventure and somewhat a new beginning..., every move in a way is, isn't it.

Erin said...

Moving is so hard. I totally relate when you talked about the pool and the kids...so sad. But new days and new dreams are ahead of you, and I'm excited to see the adventures you have in store! :)