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Sea Life Pillows

 I fell in love with these pillow covers and luckily I will have the octopus and seahorse ones at the sealaura villa. All I need is a couch and....pillows. Details, details...
I would love to get a couch like this one so I have been lurking on craigslist in hope of finding a more profesora budget friendly one. I have some time so no worries. This weekend I will spend it decluttering for my upcoming move. It has been so refreshing to find new homes for items I no longer need or have not used in ages. Now if only Norm would go through all of his toys and weed out his old ones. I am afraid he is a bit of a packrat... I mean dog. Have a fabulous weekend!
** Pictures are from Pottery Barn


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Ok...I'm backing up. Somewhere I missed something. Pillows? Love 'em!

anita said...

oh wow laura,
love the pillows and the whole new fresh look...go for it.
i have been helping my daughter all week w/ a move she is making. she is making a 2 week pit stop back at home while she regroups. she/we are doing the same thing, decluttering, having yard sale, finding new home for unwanted things. she like you is excited for new things to come and her fresh start. i'm glad your being inspired along the way!!!

MissBliss said...

Wow! I really like the octopus and sea horse.... sooo cute!!!

Maya said...

A white sofa..., so classy beachy!

Maya said...

... oh, and all the pillows, I love them. I wish I could step into a Pottery Barn, but there isn't one nowhere near (enough)...

Karena said...

Laura I adore these sea life pillow covers!! Where did you find them, please??

Art by Karena

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Gail said...

The pillows are striking and exactly what one of our clients were looking for. I hope to find something similar... just beautiful!

Linda said...

Love these!