OK, I must admit I have been obsessed with flowers and the pink roses in my backyard. So one more pic and I am done with the pink rose, I promise! Onto some other pink news...I have recently discovered or rediscovered the color pink. I have seen some of you lovely bloggers use it to accent your beachy homes and in some of the preppy blogs that I visit it is clear that pink is a fun goto color.
My pink contribution is OPI's "Otherwise Engaged." I am all about saving dinero when I can and although I am not saying that my Wet and Wild days are over, I am all about the OPI. It is a few dollars more but so worth it. I have searched for a sheer pink color forever and I have found it. YIPPEE! Lastly my beautiful pink necklace that my friend Janet brought me back from Tahiti. I love those pink shells. They look like candy. This necklace hangs in my living room and brings cheer to me everyday in my casita. Sometimes I use sjewelry as wall decor, is that bizarre? Your turn : What is your color of the moment?