As I settle into the week and attempt to organize and declutter, I continue to create and nurture my own beach house (although at the bottom of the San Bernardino Mountains). Details, details... Anyhoo, I find most of my inspiration at the beach, and these homes stood out for me last weekend. This first one , I thought was pretty cool. It looked like it should be in Bedrock with the Flintstones, but I like how it was nestled into the rocks.
I like the Spanish style design of this second one. I imagine both homes are amazing inside, but most importantly they are motivating me to tidy up my own casita.
If you are wondering how to build a sandcastle anywhere, well the point is don't wait until you get to the beach to get started. That's my philosophy. Start now and start wherever you are. Getting to the beach or owning a beach home is not easy and it can seem impossible. I have learned that if you wait until the perfect moment, job or whatever to start building your sandcastle you will miss out on precious time. Start building your sandcastle now and enjoy the beach even if from a distance. Hopefully, I won't always be looking from the outside of beach homes. But until I settle into my own, I will continue to admire and be inspired by these beauties.