Yesterday I visited Aliso Beach for a Chemistry Picnic. B's lab was having their annual shindig and they needed a Spanish teacher. No, not really. I'll just go whenever and wherever I hear BEACH. Aliso is about 5 minutes south of Laguna Beach. It was my first time there and I was happily surprised, the water was clean and at times it had some beautiful USVIesque color to it.

We then headed to a nice place called "The Cliff" for some margaritas. Great place to chill after the beach. We ordered margaritas and just enjoyed the view.But now it is Sunday and panic is setting in, I have 16 days of "getting my act together." As you may recall from a previous post I only made it to day 2 of my last attempt at getting organized. But the Obi "reckless" side of me said "Whatever!! enjoy life, go to the beach and the rest will just fall in to place!"