As we all know the economy is less than inspiring at the moment, one more reason to be down in the dumps. Less money seems to imply less fun in our lives. This past weekend I took a trip to the dump with B and Norman. On Saturday we had dreams of going to see the surfing competition in Huntington, escaping the Redlands heat, but instead we decided to be responsible and take our tree trimming debris to the city dump.

In case you have never been to the dump, there is one section where you can take your green waste and another area where it truly looks like a DUMP. You will find all sorts of crazy stuff. I have always tried to recycle and be eco-conscious but the dump definitely opens your eyes. Obviously our trash goes somewhere but seeing it in front of you is another story. Anyway, not the prettiest outing but it was a family outing of sorts. The trip was a bit symbolic of our state of mind but the drive out of Timoteo Canyon was beautiful.