Today I went for a drive in the Smiley Heights area of Redlands and enjoyed a beautiful view. The sea of green trees enveloped by this canyon is amazing. I love driving around these hills because it offers another look at life in Redlands. There are some old homes up here and some newer mini-mansions as well. This canyon is the one that I mentioned in my last post, after leaving the dump. Pretty neat huh? For some reason these hills make me wonder what life was like here before. The horse stables and ranch-like homes suggest that some of the lifestyle from yesteryear still prevails in these hills.
Speaking of perseverance, earlier this week Norman and I were saddened by the removal of the orange grove on Lugonia near Dearborn. We were on our daily AM walk and were distraught by the sight of the bulldozers. Although I probably live in old orange grove territory, I still was mournful to see the demise of those beautiful orange trees. I wonder if the local government has a plan to preserve these areas. I imagine/hope that they do. Although you can't tell by these summertime pics, it gets pretty green out here in the land of Red, and I would hate to see the green just be something of the past.