It's been a glorious spring so far here in SoCal.  Sunny skies, highs in the 70s, which means it's time for white denim and sleeveless shirts.  I went for the basic, white and navy blue combo.  I can't wait wear to wear more spring/summer clothes.  I feel more like myself.
If you are a long time reader, you probably know I wear white year round. I just love it.  In fact I wore white denim overalls for Thanksgiving as seen here.  White makes me feel free and clean.  
One of the hardest things about my job  (fashion-wise) is having to wear dress shoes everyday, especially because Vans are a staple in my wardrobe. I feel teachers should get a pass as far as footwear since we are on our feet all day.  I personally never get to really sit at my desk.  I am always circling the classroom, making sure my girls are on task etc.  And then there's traffic duty and lunch duty, you see what I mean?  We should be able to wear comfy shoes, right?  I got to wear this pair at school this week during the Freshmen retreat.  Whenever we get "free dress" I am all about it.  In fact I snuck in my white overalls during sprit week.  It's funny because I went to a private school for high school and it was all about pushing the limits with the uniform dress code and I find myself doing the same now at work.
I think I just have Spring fever and I'm tired of wearing my dark pants and dress shirts.  I just want to plaaaaaaaay!  For now, walks with the boys will do.  Thank goodness spring break is in two weeks.