So it's not really Malibu Monday  because I am really back in my classroom today BUT I'm channelling the beachy vibes to bring positive energy into my work week.
B and I drove up to Malibu on Thanksgiving because it's like 15 min away, so why not!  I'll admit, at first I was feeling a bit blue because we did not have any exciting plans for this day.  Hitting the beach reminded me of why I should be even more grateful.

It was the perfect day to come up because there was actually parking so we could pull over and enjoy the view.
 I was super comfortable in these white overalls that I have been dying to wear.  They were the perfect outfit for Thanksgiving chez our petit maison.  Surprisingly they remained white even as I climbed on some sandy rocks to get to the beach and after the turkey meal.  And if you know me, you know I love to wear white.  My work wardrobe has been very dark lately because it's a more formal environment so I was thrilled to break these babies out.  And of course, like a true Californian I wore some Vans to compliment the look.  
On Saturday we went to the USC vs. Notre Dame Game to cheer on the Irish and the day was almost the complete opposite of this picture.  The one time I go to an ND game in LA and it was pouring and super windy.  We were soaked and of course the game was a disaster for the Irish.  Thank goodness the season is over.  But like I always say,  you can't be a fair weathered fan.
So this week marks the beginning of the BIG PUSH to end the semester.  I spent hours going over Fidel Castro info so I could have a great class so wish me luck.  I was on information overload.  
Sometimes I feel like I have so much to teach and so little time.  But this is a big news story so I def want to cover it with my estudiantes.  Especially my AP kids.  
Off to do more lesson planning, so hasta pronto.
Happy Monday!