Now that's it's March I've started to transition out of my dark colors to something a little more fresh.  Like most teachers I carry the whole world in my bag and it's hard to find THE ONE.
I've also recently downsized a bit via Poshmark, because life in a tiny LA apartment means no closet space. That means I got rid of a lot of my bags.  Sad face, right?  Well not really.  It was quite liberating to give those bags a new home.  
So last night I grabbed this old girl and started stuffing part of my teacher life into it :
bag with tech cords
pouf with personal items
granola bars in case my students or I are starving
papers I take home to work on but end up carrying right back to school
You'd think that would cover it but I also carry a small backpack with my laptop and some books.
I think I just have to realize that I won't really dive into those books once I get home considering I spend 10 hours at school.  But everyday I seem to think I will be so productive once I get home.  

Anyway I am glad I kept this minty bag from AVON.  It's funny how of all my bags this inexpensive one made the cut.
What do you look for in your perfect work bag?  
How do you keep your work and personal items organized?