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Usually when February comes around I tend to get into a funk.  Even though I live in LA, it''s been rainy and grey for a few weeks.  But I've found just the thing to get you back into a Beachy State of Mind.  I've fallen in love with Perfectly Posh's Beach Blanket line.  The combination of honey, sea salt and citrusy vanilla is just what I need to lift my mood.
One of the toughest thing about winter lately is my hair.  The humidity makes me look like my Pomeranian León, and I don't look nearly as cute as he does.  So I was excited to try Beach Hair Don't care, to tame my mane and still rock that Cali Beach Vibe.  It comes with a spray nozzle for an easy application.
And Last but Not least you MUST try this hand lotion.  I have tried every lotion in the book, to combat dry skin.  From Aveno to Neutrogena and this Beach Blanket one has done the trick.  I like it because it is not greasy and smells Fantastic!! 
All of these products will transport you to a Beachy State of mind so grab yours here.