It has been raining GATOS y PERROS for 2 days so I thought it would be perfect to share about our lovely Monday Excursion to West Bay Beach.  This beach reminded me of St. John USVI for its peacefulness and calm waters.  As I've mentioned in previous posts, we are staying on West End and took a water taxi to come to this beautiful beach.  If you make it out here make sure to bring your snorkel gear!
 I walked over to the edge of the beach which is pretty darn close to the edge of the island and the fish were unreal and super friendly or...hungry!

When you think about vacationing on the island, these images are exactly what pop up in my head immediately.  If you go past all the resorts (past Infinity, the big resort here)  you will find a chill place to put your stuff down and enjoy the water.  Of course, still be careful and to be honest, one of us was always near our stuff, just in case...
Nevertheless, there weren't as many eager vendors as we first encountered when we first came over and hung out closer to the resort.   Even on the beaches of West End, people will offer to give you a massage or braid your hair or drive you somewhere and it gets a little tiring to say No gracias...
Luckily, most of the vendors have gotten used to seeing us walk everywhere with my unbraided or self braided frizzy hair.  B has joked that he wants to make a shirt that says "No necesito un taxi, gracias :) " and sell them here.  We would make bank!
But in the vendors defense, tourism is their main (or only) source of income, so they have to offer their services. 
We have been enjoying banana bread and coffee in our room for Bfast but in the afternoons we might treat ourselves to a little Rum Punch before dinner.  Bananarama was on our list to try and it was a fun stop.  They have plenty of food options here too, but we went back to West End for our usual $5 meals of rice and beans, salad and a protein.
Check out what the water taxi scene is here in my little video.
Hasta pronto!