It's been 2 very chill weeks here on the island.  B and I have been trying to enjoy the quiet but when you work a high energy, go go job, it is hard to let yourself relax.
Now, I don't expect you to pull out your violin and feel bad for us, trust me I know how lucky we are and we are so grateful for this experience.
I've done a little snorkeling.  But I have to be honest, I get a little nervous in the open water and the waves have been pretty strong.  Luckily, B is an experienced swimmer but trust me, you need to be careful around here.  Last week a kayaker got pulled out to sea due to the strong current and winds but luckily he was found and is safe and sound.
Sunset Snorkeling
We are also blessed enough to be able to hang out at this infinity pool and it is divine. 
 Especially the sunsets, you can't beat those here.
Because it is the slow season, we pretty much have the place to ourselves. 
B has been lucky on his dives and spotted may turtles.  I am so glad we got the underwater camera because it has been an extra pleasure to document these underwater moments.  And even so, it is nowhere near what it looks like.  I wish our eyes were cameras to capture it all. 
For calmer waters you can definitely go to the beaches in West End and our favorite in West Bay.
The Water in West Bay is divine.  Just avoid cruise ship days, and you will have the beach to your selves.  I'll do another post about it soon but for now check out some of my pics on Instagram.
I must admit B and I are missing Norm and Newman, so I think next time we will cut our time to 2 weeks away from the boys.  There is plenty to do on the island but since we are on a budget, we can't do it all.  To be honest, some of it is kinda hokey and I am ok with NOT doing it.  For instance, I don't want to pet a few monkeys or see a bunch of iguanas.  Some of the entrance fees are about $40 bucks each and these "packages" are not really worth it.  I mean monkeys aren't even native to the island so it is not a real island experience.  I can see monkeys at home.  As far as iguanas, I saw some at West Bay Beach by the rocks and I saw one swim out of the water and onto the street by our rental.  That was a much better experience for me.  
We are trying to maybe eat one (or two) meals out because we are not Rockefellers. 
Rice and beans baby! That was lunch today.
Also taking water taxis to West Bay is a cheap way ($3 per person) to get a boat ride and have a beautiful seaside view of the island.  Water taxis are definitely the way to go.
In case I did not mention it in previous posts.  Save yourself some money by bringing your own snorkel here down here, rather than renting.  Snorkel gear is pretty cheap in the states and you can be charged about $5-8 bucks a day to rent it here in Roatan
We tried to be locals and took the bus ($1 each) to Coxen Hole.  I am not gonna lie, it was a bit scary.  Everyone was staring at us and it was a huge change from West End where we are staying.  Still it was a huge eye opening experience.  We are enjoying so much here but about 20 minutes away, life is hard.  Even though I am Hispanic, I felt like such a foreigner and couldn't help but feel guilty for all my blessings.  Coxen Hole is where the Cruises dock but the tourists are quickly bused out to West End and West Bay and to other sight seeing parts of the island.  Not all of Coxen Hole is intimidating.  B and I just happened to walk deep into some of the Colonias.
Long post but wanted to give an update.  Roatan is still treating us well and we are loving our time down here.  Stay tuned for more adventures..