If you are looking to have dinner with an ocean view, I have just the place for you!  B and I were doing one of our many strolls up and down West End (it is pretty small!) when I saw this cheerful gentleman getting dinner ready.  It looked so good, we had to try it.
 The key is don't wait til dark to eat this type of dinner because, it was cooked just fresh when we were there.  We were worried not enough people would walk by this stand and the food would go to waste.  This is the slow season on the island (reason we are here!!).  I am sure it is still good but nobody likes to eat food that has been just sitting there.

As you can see our options were "Pollo, Chuletas de Puerco y Salchicha de Puerco."
Chicken Pork Chops and Pork Sausage
All of this comes with rice and beans and a salsa or coleslaw of your choice.  The salsa is called CHIMOL, it is what you probably know as Pico de Gallo but it is waaaaaaay better.
I knew about CHIMOL because that is what we call in in El Salvador, which is where I was born, in case you did not know :).
Do you see our ocean view?
 Doesn't it look delish?  Each plate was about $5 bucks each.
And in case I have not told you, you can use dollars here, no prob but they probably will give you your change back in Lempiras.
The people here were so nice and gracious.  
I don't know why this place is called Mexican Grill but there was nothing Mexican about it, I mean culinary wise (in my humble opinion).  Sometimes I think they call things a certain way so the tourists will try it, since it is more familiar.

 And here we are, your lovely tour guides.  We are glowing because we are super happy and also because we are almost always sweaty here!!
But you can always count on a breeze here, so there is relief.
Oh and of course the GREAT FOOD!
Which plate would you get?