Happy Wednesday! 
As much as i would like to kick off my shoes and relax, I can't.  First of all I have finals to grade and secondly :  these silver slides are my new favorite shoes and I don't want to kick them off!
When Alicia from Word of Alicia sent me these I was not sure I would love them.  But I thought they would be perfectly ok, to slip on and tear up here on the Sedona red dirt and rocks.
I am so impressed with the quality.  They are AVON people!  And currently on sale for 19.99 at Alicia's shop. I almost want to buy another pair to have on stand by because they are that well made.  
I have the real "birks" and you've seen me wear them here on the blog but these puppies are just as comfy.  You have to check them out.  In the meantime I want to share some silver birk inspired looks to help you start your silver slide obsession.

From One little momma
From : Creativelylu

From: All the shoes fit
From Quarter Life Closet 

You probably are not surprised by my picks because I love me some neutrals.  If you were to peek into my closet you would find a lot of olive green and white.  Those are my favorite colors to wear, especially during the summer.  But really, the whole year.  It's all about styling it for the season.  
So are you in or out with these looks?
Which one is your favorite?