Getting out of bed alone can be a workout on a Saturday.  But it helps if you have something cute to wear.  I love this flag tee from Winnie and Kat.  I almost feel like it is too nice for working out but that's the beauty of this line.  You can wear the clothes in any arena of your life.  I could see wearing this tee with a nice pair of white skinny jeans for the 4th of July or just because...
 But before I can get into my skinny jeans I have to burn some calories, even if it is just by sitting in the steam room! 
My husband always tells me it's good just to go through the motions sometimes and that alone will get you a bit more motivated to keep moving.
 I think I will do a little walking and then a swim today.
Hasta pronto darlings! I can't chat too long today but it you want to look as cute as I do, check out my Winnie and Kat shop here.
How will you be spending your Saturday?