If you've ever been to Sedona, you know that the sunsets and sunrises are just AMAZING here.  I take pictures everyday and my pictures don't even begin to capture what I see.
When I came across this job and saw that it was in Arizona, I was not too excited but I am so glad I visited because Northern Arizona is just gorgeous.  Not to bad mouth Phoenix or anything but I wanted to live somewhere beautiful and the thought of another apartment, freeway filled life was not alluring,
The boys love to go on walks period, but here in the desert they demand even more walks.  I don't mind taking them, it's only when I hear the pack of coyotes in the distance that I worry.  As the sun sets is when you often will hear them howling.   It is beautiful but creepy.  Norm is soooooooo friendly that I worry about him trying to befriend them so he is usually on leash.
We've had a beautiful fall and with the temps starting to dip, I've started to pull out my sweaters.   I picked this Marled sweater coat from  mark. (Avon's boutique brand).  The lenght is perfect and I also can throw it on and glam up the most basic look.  
Just because I live in the desert doesn't mean I can't glam it up a bit.  
In fact, I consider it my duty.
With subtle sequins,  it's perfect for the holidays right?  
The first time I wore this sweater, I colleague called out to me from afar 
"Laura you are sparkling!!!"  
And that's how I knew this sweater was perfect.
This time of year calls for sparkle, glitter and fun.
I was a little worried about the chain detail but it's not too heavy and adds a little something extra! :)
What have you been up to?  
Have you added a new piece to your wardrobe?