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Norman and Newman at VVS..

Thanks for all the lovely Birthday wishes, year 40 is off to a great start.  
Another great part about my new life in Sedona is that I can take the boys with me on campus.  Newman loves fetching the ball on the quad and has become a little more social now that he has a little fan club forming.

Norman LOVES going to class along with the kiddos.  When he was a young pup, he was the star at the University of Redlands (as seen here and here).  He would come to office hours, classes, the student union, you name it.  But when I worked for the DOD in Monterey, it was a little tricky to get him on base and get that clearance.  Here at VVS, he is in heaven.  Today he sat in on Spanish 3 and was a good little angel. 
Do you think your dogs could handle a day at your job?


Alicia Hessinger said...

Awww how cute! I love that you can bring them around with you. I brought Zoey to work once she wouldn't stay quiet with all the hustle and bustle so she has yet to return, sad face.

Annabanana said...

What a cute little guy. Great photos too. I would love to teach at a school like yours.

ODYSSEY said...

Delightful post! The campus seems so nice and welcoming...especially since your little canines are allowed. How fortunate! I'll bet they are loving their new life in Sedona.
When I taught in the BVI, I'd take Doxy to school with me on the weekends and late nights when I had extra work. (Couldn't take her during school hours, as that was absolutely not allowed.) She enjoyed running around the big art room and sniffing everything...for the first 30 minutes or so, and then she'd give me that "can we pleasssse leave now, this is boring" look.

Carmi Levy said...

I keep thinking of how lucky your students are. Not only are you an incredible educator, but you're also gifting them with remarkable, indelible memories that extend well beyond pedagogy.

If only my profs had had the humanity to bring their pups to class. I wish every educator had your sense of worldliness and empathy.

Sadly, my Frasier will have to stay out of the classroom, office and studio. Sweetest pup I've ever met, but oh so noisy! It's the schnauzer in him :)

missgiven said...

My Laila would lick everyone to pieces and run wild. ;)