I'm guessing all of us have experienced a super long winter.  As a SoCal gal who is used to endless sunny days, it has been rough.  But this past weekend was just glorious so we went for a nice drive.  No destination, just got in the car and off we went!  Naturally we went looking for water and ended up at Sander's Ferry Park
source :  SFP website
Just so you get an idea of the beauty, this is an aerial view I found on their site and the following are my pictures.  Isn't it incredible?  TN is very green, especially in these early days of Spring.  It is just gorgeous.
My next step is to figure out where we can rent a boat, so we can get on the water.  
Until, then our Saturday and Sunday mornings will definitely be spent walking here.  Honestly I just  hang out here all weekend.
How about this sweet little island. 
Have you enjoyed the outdoors lately?